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Who you are

The PSO is looking for a new concertmaster. For this purpose, the PSO is looking for a violinist with extensive orchestral experience. Experience as a principal or concert master is an advantage. In addition to being an excellent violinist, the concertmaster will also have to be an active club member. That is why we are looking for a concert master who can motivate and inspire. A concertmaster with ambition, didactic qualities and communication skills. In short, a team player who enjoys making orchestral music together.


In concrete terms, the duties of the concertmaster are:

  • Leading the first violin section and tuning the orchestra.

  • Providing the bowing in consultation with the other string principals and solving problems in this regard.

  • Leading group rehearsals of the first violins and possibly the entire string orchestra.

  • Playing violin solos when applicable.

  • Classifying the violin pool per program in consultation with the second violin principal.

  • Serving on the audition committee for the new members' trial.

  • The concertmaster preferably also sits on the program committee.

Who we are

In more than 90 years, the Philips Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has grown into one of the best-known and largest non-professional symphony orchestras in the Netherlands. The more than 90 members of the PSO are music teachers and advanced amateurs from Eindhoven and the surrounding area. The orchestra rehearses five programs every year for concerts in beautiful halls such as the Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The PSO also made various CD and DVD recordings. In addition to the large symphonic repertoire, the PSO can also handle light music for performances at festivals and other special occasions.


For years, the PSO has shown that high-level music and conviviality can go hand in hand. The weekly rehearsals end monthly with drinks, and the annual social highlight is the rehearsal weekend. In addition, the PSO regularly goes on concert trips abroad, to China (twice), Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Estonia/Latvia (with Neeme Järvi) and Israel. The members of the PSO come from large parts of the country and have often been playing in the orchestra for years. This perfectly demonstrates the high musical quality and strong social bond of the PSO.


The PSO is also a culturally socially active association with cultural ANBI status. Every year the orchestra gives accessible family concerts, where children in particular can become acquainted with the symphony orchestra. The PSO is on the eve of a change of conductor. After the PSO has been under the inspiring musical leadership of conductor Jules van Hessen for more than 35 years, Txemi Etxebarria will take over from him in 2024.


The violin section consists of 32-34 permanent members. We work with a pool system, in which violinists rotate per program between the 1st and 2nd violin.

The PSO rehearses every Tuesday evening at Section-C, Daalakkersweg 10-08, in Eindhoven.



Do you have the ambition to become our new concertmaster? Send a (short) motivation and your CV by email to Ronald Ligthart, board member of Artistic Affairs:

The interviews and auditions are scheduled for November 2023.

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