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Cultural ANBI status PSO 

Become a donor? 

The PSO has cultural ANBI status, which means that your donation to the PSO is deductible by no less than 125%.

A calculation example: you donate 100 Euros to the PSO. You may add 25% to this and arrive at a deductible item of 125 Euros. That means that if you fall within the tax rate of 52%, you may deduct 65 Euros. This donation will actually cost you no more than 35 Euros!. Companies that are subject to corporate tax may even deduct 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate tax return. You do not need to register anything for this.


Only in order to be eligible for the deduction of periodic gifts, the donor and the PSO must record the gift in an agreement.


Click on the logo of the tax authorities below for additional information about the (attractive) tax aspects of donating to a (cultural) ANBI such as the PSO. 





If you are interested in becoming a donor (periodic donations)  or if you have any questions about this, please contact the secretary of the PSO. ThroughClick here to send the secretary an email.  


Publication data PSO (for ANBI) 

By clicking on the buttons below you can view the PSO publication data related to ANBI status:  

Business data:

Legal form: Association with full legal capacity

Registered name: Philips Symphony Orchestra

Registered office: Eindhoven

Chamber of Commerce number: 40235299

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