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Why a Friends of the PSO Foundation?

The Philips Symphony Orchestra performs several times a year in the best concert halls in our country, often with leading soloists, and that comes with a price. Not all costs of the orchestra are covered by (private) subsidies and contributions from the orchestra members. That is why the Friends of the Philips Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1986. By becoming a Friend of the PSO, you can convert your appreciation for the PSO into genuine financial support. You also help to ensure a well-filled hall, which is an extra reward for the musicians on stage.





Welcome to the Friends of the Philips Symphony Orchestra Foundation

What are the benefits for Friends?

  • In exchange for your financial contribution, you will receive at least 2 free tickets, depending on your annual contribution*.

  • Friends get the best seats in the hall

  • Friends will receive an announcement of the concert in the spring and autumn with background information from the program and a registration form for ordering tickets

  • Friends will receive the ordered tickets free of charge

  • Friends are kept informed about other concerts and activities of the orchestra.

  • The private family concert in TU/e is open and free for Friends

  • Attend the annual chamber music evening for free

  • Attend a public rehearsal

* The annual subscription for 2024 is as follows:

From € 42.50 you are entitled to 2 tickets

From € 80.00 you are entitled to 4 tickets

From € 120.00 you are entitled to 6 tickets.

You can choose how you divide these tickets between the spring and autumn concerts.


Of course you can also pay more, every contribution is most welcome. This shows your appreciation for the PSO. Several former orchestra members and other sympathizers have discovered this way of contributing financially. And that is very much appreciated by the orchestra!


You can of course also order extra tickets via the registration form for that concert. The price for additional tickets will be indicated on the concert announcement. Orders are made by transferring the amount due to the treasurer, stating the number of extra tickets and the concert date.

Carol Bosman                         Willem van der Boom           Marjolein Alberga

(chairman)                                (treasurer)                                  (secretary)

What do you have to do to become a Friend?

Please contact the secretary of the foundation:

Marjolein Alberga

Friends of the Philips Symphony Orchestra Foundation

Brabis 18

5641 JV Eindhoven


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