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to hire OUR orchestra? oF COURSE!

Het Philips Symphony Orchestra has many years of experience with special events.

In de first place thanks to our main sponsor Philips, for whom the PSO has given unique concerts  in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. But other clients also know where to find us, because the PSO can handle the light repertoire as well as the classical. In addition, the PSO can help put together your production, including advice on soloists, commission compositions and special effects that make an event extra unique.


an experienced orchestra

Some examples of past events:​

  • For Philips, the PSO played a farewell concert in a surprising location where the favorite works of the main character were played, interspersed with speeches and well-known soloists 

  • For the anniversary of an organ federation, the PSO has rehearsed a special program  with only organ works

  • For the 25th anniversary of an international purchasing combination, the PSO gave a 20-minute concert in the Rijksmuseum, including a famous Dutch soloist and a special medley for all participating country organizations.

  • For years, the PSO has provided the Philips New Year's concert, concerts of approximately 75 minutes with alternating light classical and popular works. The orchestra also accompanied (internationally) famous singers and instrumentalists.

  • For a classical music festival, the PSO performed a major symphonic work in an open-air theatre.​

contact us without obligation

The PSO is a non-professional orchestra that plays at a very high level,  which has a price-performance ratio which is unique in the Netherlands.

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.   Email to  

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