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PSO goes Baltics 2015


PSO Concert Tour to the Baltic States Estonia and Latvia 

The PSO is celebrating its 85th anniversary by presenting itself on a number of foreign stages in the summer of 2015. The PSO is making a unique 10-day concert tour to the Baltic states of Estonia and Latvia, in which the PSO collaborates intensively with the world-famous Estonian conductor Neeme Järvi . For a few days we participate in a masterclass with teachers Neeme Järvi , his son Paavo Järvi and Leonid Grin.  We also give a number of concerts in Estonia, performing Mahler's fifth symphony conducted by Neeme Järvi. And we have plenty of time to breathe in the Baltic air in cities like Tallinn, Tartu and the capital of Latvia: Riga.


Järvi-Academy (conductor masterclass) in Tallinn

An annual conducting masterclass ( the Järvi-academy ) is held in Estonia, conducted by the famous conductor Neeme Järvi, his son Paavo Järvi and Leonid Grid. A number of international students will be selected for this masterclass. The students work with the PSO for a few days under the supervision of Neeme and Paavo Järvi , among others.  On the lectern are Mahler's 5th Symphony, Stravinsky's Firebird, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, Square by the Dutch composer Roel van Oosten and Koit by the Estonian composer Heino Eller. A unique opportunity for the members of the PSO to see and experience the ins & outs of the conducting profession. This masterclass takes place in the Opera House in Tallinn, the beautiful capital of Estonia.


PSO led by participants masterclass (concert in Tallinn) 

The PSO will give a concert in Tallinn in the Eestoniasaal, led by a number of participants of the masterclass. The program includes Square (by Roel van Oosten), Koit (by Heino Eller), the Firebird (Stravinsky), Mendelssohn's violin concerto (with soloist Triin Ruubel) and (subject to change) Mahler's fifth conducted by. Neeme Järvi. 


PSO conducted by Neeme Järvi (concert in Pärnu) 

Every year, Neeme Järvi opens a music festival in the Estonian seaside resort of Pärnu by giving a concert. This concert is always very well attended. Until now, Neeme Järv i has always given this opening concert with orchestras consisting of professional (paid) musicians. We are therefore very honored that Neeme Järvi has asked the PSO to open this festival with him in 2015! We play  dan, among others, Mahler's 5th Symphony and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto conducted by maestro Neeme Järvi. Soloist is the Estonian violinist Triin Ruubel . A concert to look forward to! 


PSO conducted by Neeme Järvi (Mahler 5) (concert in Tartu)

The PSO will once again perform Mahler 's 5th under the direction of Maestro Neeme Järvi in a concert at the end of a Music Festival in the university town of Tartu . At that concert, a number of students from the master class conduct the PSO in, among other things, Stravinsky's Vuurvogel.


PSO in Riga (capital of Latvia): concert conducted by Jules van Hessen  

The PSO ends the tour in the Latvian capital Riga. The PSO gives a concert there in the Great Guildhall . This concert is co-organized by Philips Baltics . The concert is conducted by Jules van Hessen. There we will perform Mendelssohn's violin concerto (with Triin Ruubel as soloist) and Mahler's 5th symphony. 


Travel committee PSOgoesBaltics

The organization of this fantastic concert tour is done by María Camarasa, Annelieke Vermeulen, Jo Laeven and Jeroen Salm.  Together they form 'the PSOgoesBaltics Tour Committee'. 

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